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4 Reasons you should visit Vancouver

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Vancouver is a very picturesque city. It has everything — mountains, ocean, lakes, forest, etc. You will be able to see everything on the same day. Apart from its natural beauty, it also has a great city life. You will find expensive shopping centers, art galleries, and more. Here are some good reasons to visit Vancouver.

Friendly people

The people living in Vancouver are very friendly. A majority of the population is immigrants from different parts of the world. They bring in a different culture. The people are very open-minded too. You will find a big gay community here.


There are lots of beautiful mountains in Vancouver. The mountains look beautiful in winter with ice covering the top of the mountain. During winter the ski resorts are very busy as many people go there for skiing. The Cypress Mountain, Grouse Mountain, and Mount Seymour are very popular. During the summer also, you can enjoy mountain climbing.


You will love the beaches in Vancouver. There are lots of activities you can do on the waters. If you like watching wild animals then you can go for whale watching. You can try kayaking, surfing, and other water sports.


There are lots of things you can do in the city. You can visit art galleries, museums, parks, etc. There are big shopping centers, hotels, and restaurants. You can enjoy visiting the local markets as well.

The weather in Vancouver is not perfect. So, you should plan your vacation at a time when you feel comfortable. Vancouver looks beautiful in any season and you will have a wonderful vacation.…